Evolve's 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

Evolve's 10 Year Anniversary Celebration

  • Nov 27, 2023
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In the wise words of Frankie Valley 'Oh what a night!'

Working in the events industry, it's not very often that we at Evolve HQ or our performers are on the flip side of the party. When our director Gemma saw 10 years of Evolve approaching she was overjoyed to have the perfect excuse to invite her performers, office staff, friends and family to get their glad rags on and enjoy a night as the entertained as opposed to being the entertainers!

After a date and venue were secured, the planning began. Here at Evolve we all love a festival, and Gemma has a huge portfolio of them covered, from all the best UK fields, to the world famous Burning Man and more! When deciding on a theme, there was a clear winner! With this in mind, costumes were styled, props/decor secured, performers chosen/rehearsed and even the cocktails were customised! Not a detail was missed in the planning process.

The night began with a fabulous pink carpet welcome and our stunning Blue Rainbow Stilt Walkers greeted guests at the door alongside our hostess with that all important guestlist! The venue was a fabulous set up with a cloakroom at the ready as guests entered to drop their coats and strut their way downstairs into the main event! Guests were once again greeted as they entered the main room, this time by our Neon Suited and Booted Hostesses whilst our glittering Mermaid posed on the bar handing our champagne.

Festival theme hostesses party.png

The main room was decked out with lighting provided by our sister company 'AFISHAL', who also provided the most fabulous video wall and panels. Framing the DJ booth and creating a great backdrop our line up of London’s finest DJ’s.

A brilliant bundle of balloons engulfed the ceiling above the dance floor and branded photo opportunities surrounded the space with canopy and treat stops along the way!

Once the majority of guests arrived and were merry on champagne and cocktails, the live entertainment began! Our LED Musical Trio kicked off the evening with a fabulous roaming set, playing over the top of the first of our fabulous DJ's. Our popular Glow Girlz then tagged in to dance on stage as our Glow Boyz strutted around the space offering that all important Instagram shot inside one of our popular LED Walkabout Photo Frames! We showed off an array of fabulous new costumes on our freestyle dancers over the course of the night, in keeping with the festival theme, people were delighted at the range of quality costumes we have to offer!

Festival Theme Party dancers.jpg

The pinnacle of the evening began with a speech from our director Gemma, recognising the hard work from her team, support from her family and ambition to keep growing both Evolve and her husband’s business 'AFISHAL' which she also now manages. The speech went on to introduce our brand new act 'All of the Lights', which is an incredible festival themed spectacle. The new show features 4 choreographed dancers, a contortion/handbalance artist and break dancer, blending tight choreography with powerful stunts, balance and shapes.

Festival theme dancers contortion.jpg

‘All of the Lights’ is a fabulous neon display, incorporating tube lights and neon catsuits by the famous independent festival brand Burnt Soul Clothing. The show went down an absolute storm, keep an eye on our instagram page for a preview! Following this performance, our guests were treated to salsa sensation, the FABULOUS Ruby Sinclair who is one of the newest drag queens to the Evolve books. The guests awed over her intricate movements and death-defying drops to the splits.

Drag Queen Ruby SinClaire.jpg

No event runs smoother than those with a talented host, and of course we could only have the best take our guests on the 10 year journey. Our brilliant beatboxing compere helped ensure the evening ran like a well 'Evolved' machine and gave us all a fabulous insight into his own vocal talents! The guests went wild for his beatboxing display and whilst everybody was hyped from that moment, our fabulous singing duo were introduced. Our singing duo are the best in their business, with voices you wouldn’t believe were singing live! Not only do they sound incredible but their personalities, aesthetic, movement and audience interaction all blend together to provide something truly remarkable.

Singing duo Festival theme.jpg

Of course what is a party without the lasting memories? We hired in the best photographers and videographers to capture the night, working closely with our all-important event manager to make sure no moment was missed. Our videogaphers work on a tight turnaround so we were delighted to be able to showcase their work, collated by our amazing in-house video editor very soon after the event!

We hope you enjoyed reading! If you are considering hosting a festival themed event, we anticipate that you would feel confident that we are the only collective to help you produce a time to remember, and in any other theme for that matter!