Photobooths are the 'must-have' at any event, it is great fun for all ages

  • Set Up Time60 mins
  • Ceiling height3m
  • PowerPower access required within 5m

We have a vast range of different photobooths, from selfie mirrors to black cab booths we have it all. See below the options we have a little summary about each booth, please contact us for full information.

Traditional Photobooth - Being large and spacious it can fit up to 6 guests at any one time and with the choice of black or white skin it will fit perfectly any setting. This state of the art photobooth offers instagram style filters and a green screen option to transport your guests wherever they would like to go! 

Selfie Mirror - This is the latest craze where you stand in front of a giant interactive mirror, which talks to you, tells you how to pose and you can even sign and draw on your prints all through the mirror, this is very popular with kids and students.

Selfie Pod - This is a slimline freestanding pod, so instead of getting inside a photobooth you stand in front of it and pose for your picture and the print comes out the back of the pod. Great for locations with restricted room, or for bespoke 3-D backgrounds.

Vehicle Booths - We have a range of vehicle photobooths from a british Mini Cooper, a traditional black cab to a multi-coloured van. All are great for indoors or outdoors and are a real quirky place to have your photo taken.

Flower Pods - We love our flower pods, in all white or colourful they are great for weddings, white themes, festival themes or any party looking for a bit of fun. We have totally covered our selfie pods in flowers, making them fun, bright and different from most photobooths.

Inflatable Booth - We have had this booth at many futuristic events, exhibitions and corporate parties including a fire and ice themed ball. It is one of our biggest booths so is great for large numbers of people to have photos inside.

Tech requirements


  • Flat, firm surface
  • Minimum performance space required 3m x 3m (however different booths require different spaces so please enquire with the booth of your choice)
  • Minimum height (floor to ceiling) of 3m (however different booths require different ceiling heights so please enquire with the booth of your choice)
  • All our photobooths offer a standard 3 hour operating time, with a photobooth attendant, unlimited prints, second prints (if guests books are bought), customisable backgrounds, layouts and logos can be applied
  • A USB with all photos on or online album and a fun box of props for your guests to dress up is also included

Our themed packages

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Alice in Wonderland