Fire and Ice

You're hot and you're cold

    Where the elements collide! Dive into a world where flames dance and ice shimmers - welcome to the ultimate Fire and Ice spectacle! This theme blends the raw power of fire with the chilling beauty of ice, creating a stunning visual contrast. 

    Dazzling Fire Performances

    Feel the heat as our expert performers light up any venue with their daring and dynamic fire routines. We have everything from freestyle performances, right through to huge productions with lots of performers and pyrotechnic finales. From Fire Jugglers and Acro Duos to Contortionists and Fire Drums, we really have everything to bring the heat to your event.

    Enchanting Ice Displays 

    Add a touch of frosty magic and immerse yourself in the serene elegance of our Ice Acts. Marvel at the skill and precision of our Ice Jugglers, behold the regal presence of our Ice Queen Human Statues or enter a magical realm with our Ice Fairies and Pixies. Experience the grace and elegance of our Ice Queen Ballerinas and then look to the skies and witness the breathtaking spectacle of our flying Ice Angels. Our Ice Acts create a magical winter wonderland that transforms any event into a frozen fantasy. 

    Ready to ignite your event by combining the thrilling spectacle of fire and the ethereal charm of ice? Our professional team will work with you to tailor an event that fits your vision and venue, ensuring a truly unforgettable experience. 

    Perfect for corporate events, private parties, birthday parties and themed celebrations