Mirror Moon

A beautiful mirrored prop providing a stunning centre-piece for many events

  • Set Up Time60 mins
  • Ceiling Height3m
  • PerformersSolo act

This distinctive and iconic prop has appeared on magazine covers, in fashion spreads and in TV specials around the world and is a true artistic masterpiece. This large oversized mirrored moon stands out not just for its size but also captures the attention of your guests when it sparkles and catches the lights to make a magical and memorable moment for your event.

This prop can be used for performances that provide a glorious climax to any event. Our beautiful performer can amuse, tease and delight your guests! She uses both her dance and circus training to create a unique acrobatic fusion: spinning, twisting and swinging as she playfully suspends herself between heaven and earth on a rocking mirrored crescent.

Or simply use this prop as decor to create a wow factor as guests arrive.

Tech requirements

  • Flat, firm surface
  • Minimum performance space 5m x 5m
  • Minimum height (floor to ceiling) of 5m
  • Loading bay is required

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