Great Gatsby

Transport yourself to the 1920's into the 'cat's pajamas' with our Great Gatsby inspired packages

    The Great Gatsby theme really brings the 1920s era to life, and with our choice of wonderful entertainment options, we can make sure your guests party just like Gatsby himself!

    Have vintage flapper girls performing dance routines to your guests, as well as getting them to join in with the routine. Or how about having a stunning showgirl performing glamorous moves in one of our martini glasses?

    There are so many acts that fit into this category and we can tailor a lot of our entertainment to fit in with this. We have a beautiful array of 1920s costumes to choose from. Flash mobs, tap dancing routines, showgirl shows, vintage cars or even a 1920's photo booth! Get in touch with us to find out more.

    Don't forget to add one of our talented photographers or videographers to your package to create treasured memories that will last a lifetime. 

    Please see above pictures for ideas or have a look below at the acts applicable to this theme. We have pre-made packages at different price points so please get in touch, with your budget, and then we can tailor the package to suit your needs. 

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