Roll up roll up to see the greatest show on earth, gleaming with wonderful surprises for all ages

    This is by far our most popular theme and we have many different packages to suit your event and budget. 

    From having a hint of circus to full blown productions and shows, we can tailor our packages for your event. We have a huge number of in-house costumes and acts, and have a wide variety of performers with awe-inspiring skills. 

    From traditional circus acts, such as Trapeze, Tightrope Walking and Jugglers, to the weird and wonderful Circus Sideshows, we have something to suit every need. We even have fantastic props that enhance the theme even further, such as our Vintage Bulb Frames with our Circus Characters, our Roaming Tables with Harlequin Puppets inside, and of course our magnificent Freestanding Heart Prop. 

    We have put together a number of large-scale productions before, incorporating lots of different acts that link in to one another.

    Bring your theme to life and capture the memories of the night with one of our talented photographers or videographers.

    Please see above pictures for ideas or have a look below at the acts applicable to this theme. We have the perfect pre-made package for this theme just waiting for you so get in contact today. 

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