Combining technology with cutting edge entertainment

    Create a package that's ahead of it's time by combining some of our most futuristic acts and costume designs. 

    We have amazing LED entertainment that works really well in this package, such as our Visual DJ, who can control custom lights, graphics and logos, all played live on stage. Here at Evolve we are very well known for our LED Dancers who complement this act really well - we design all the costumes in house and have flown all over the world performing in them.

    For a real show-stopper, why not choose from one of our magnificent LED Robots, who can dance on stage, in amongst guests, and even shoot Co2 into the audience! We even have choreographed hooverboard shows for that real sense of bringing together technology and entertainment. Get in touch today to see our full list of exciting acts!

    Don't forget to add one of our talented photographers or videographers to your package to create treasured memories that will last a lifetime. 

    Please see above pictures for ideas or have a look below at the acts applicable to this theme. We have pre-made packages at different price points so please get in touch, with your budget, and then we can tailor the package to suit your needs. 

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