The Importance of Event Managers

The Importance of Event Managers

  • Aug 15, 2023
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It's interesting to think about how different people encounter entertainment at events.From an attendee's perspective they arrive at their invited times, follow the event schedule and enjoy the entertainment provided throughout the course of the event, easy right?Now lets take a step back and consider the end client/booker; although they have likely spent lots of time on the run up to the event getting involved with the organisation process, the last thing they want is to be running around or hearing of problems on the actual day. This person wants to be able to sit back, enjoy watching their hard work come together and be entertained by the shows they booked.Our event organisers on the night are in charge of looking after the whole event from staging, lighting, music, dealing with the venue and considering the welfare of the clients themselves. There are so many elements to consider when pulling off a successful event so the idea of having to follow a full nights running order of entertainment is likely quite and overwhelming thought.So how do we at Evolve help ensure these people can stick to their above roles? We have our fabulous event managers of course. Making sure the attendee's seamlessly enjoy the entertainment, the booker can finally enjoy the results of their efforts and the event organiser has more opportunity for a smooth run without having to worry about the performers. Some people might question why they are necessary, but we are here to break down why they are imperative to a successful event and have you praising their attendance afterwards!

The first thing we look for in an event manager is experience, not only in working at events but in the actual performance industry, because who doesn't know the job better than somebody who has done it themselves?! Our event managers either have a background in performing or working directly with us in Evolve HQ, giving them the knowledge that a standard event runner would not have. The first advantage of this is that they know how much space an act might require, the lighting that is desired to not only enhance a performance but keep artists safe and managers can also provide knowledge of each acts general technical requirements. Having an event manager who can pre-set certain requirements such as spacing saves clients having to pay what can sometimes be quite a hefty surcharge to bring acts to the event a lot earlier than their performance time, or enable them to still provide a show if they are booked elsewhere earlier on an event date. Their knowledge of of our acts/shows means they also know exactly how to set equipment on stage correctly and safely in preperation for showtime! During shows, they also then keep an eye out for the very unlikely case of faults with components such as music or lighting.

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Another advantage our event managers have is that they are all experienced and educated in how our costumes are assembled. Not only do our event managers collect costumes and props from our unit and transport them to and from the venue, but they know exactly how to put them together avoiding any damage or incorrect fittings. Performers are sometimes unable to dress themselves in certain costumes, for example our mirror madame's arrive in pieces so need building and then require 2 assistants to lift the champagne skirt over their heads and fill up the glasses.When we have a large team of dancers, it would be very difficult to make sure everybody is fully dressed in the correct attire that has been styled for them without the help of our event managers. For example, we had a team of 14 great Gatsby dancers on an event (amongst various other acts), they had a quick change from the meet and greet into show costumes which were individually styled with specific matching accessories. Guess who was ready in the changing area with each costume and accessories laid out and ready to dress them? Our event managers of course! Furthermore, who do you think met the dancers upon arrival at the venue, kept the make up and rehearsal schedule on time, took the dancers out and placed them on set for the meet and greet, guided them back to the changing rooms and had them ready and changed on time at the side of the stage for the main show?

Here at Evolve, we are well known for our LED elements, from light up roaming tables to our unique LED dancer/hostess costumes that we originally designed in house and created for the EDC festival! Our event managers are all educated in the intricate wiring of these costumes and know exactly how to make sure they switch on and sync with each other for a seamless spectacle!


Event managers are usually factored into our larger event packages. We determine how many are required by taking into consideration the number of performers, costumes and props etc that are booked on each event. Elements such as the size of the venue, the complexity of the running order and timings are also factored in to make sure that we have enough hands on site whilst still sticking to the budget! Our event managers will always arrive smartly dressed and have positive, calming attitudes that are necessary when working in what can sometimes become quite intense and demanding situations! Event managers are always armed with a running order of the night, making sure everything runs on time and optional radio's for smooth communication avoiding having to rely on mobile phone connection.