Alice in Wonderland

Go down the rabbit hole with Alice into a magical and mysterious world

    Bring your bonkers to reality with our Alice in Wonderland entertainment. 

    We absolutely love this theme and how it can come alive at an event- it's a really exciting theme where characters can be wacky and eccentric, and will be sure to leave your guests amused. We have a huge range of magical characters from Alice on Stilts to our Mini White Rabbit. The choice is yours - pick your favourites to take down the rabbit hole and into your events wonderland. 

    'Would you like an adventure or shall we have tea first?'

    Characters Available:

    • Small Alice 
    • Alice on Stilts 
    • Cheshire Cat Contortion
    • Mad Hatter Compere
    • Queen of Hearts Table 
    • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum 
    • Playing Cards 
    • Alice in the Aerial Heart Proph

    And many more! 

    Don't forget to add one of our talented photographers or videographers to your package to create treasured memories that will last a lifetime. 

    Please see above pictures for ideas or have a look below at the acts applicable to this theme. We have pre-made packages at different price points so please get in touch, with your budget, and then we can tailor the package to suit your needs.