Martini Glass

Elegant and beautifully designed our large LED Martini Glass will be an amazing focal point at any event

  • Set up Time60 mins
  • Ceiling Height2.8m
  • RecommendedLow Light

Our modern twist on a traditional burlesque Martini Glass stands 1.6 metres in height and draws the eye with its fabulous LEDs. This prop is available as a solo or duo to add some extra spectacular to your event.

This elegant and beautifully designed prop can be used as a focal point to draw your guest's eyes over to the amazing performance just about to take place. Or why not add the floral garlands on to the glass to make it fit a different theme if plain LEDs don't work for you.

For that real wow factor, why not have a show in the martini glass? Most shows last around 3-4 mins and can either replace one of the ambient sets or performed on its own alongside a meet and greet glass set. 

Tech requirements

  • Flat, firm surface
  • A loading bay is required
  • Minimum height (floor to ceiling) of 2.8 meters
  • Minimum performance space required is 1.5m x 1.5m
  • No power needed