The Imperial Egg

Incredibly stunning and in-demand, the Imperial Egg provides a glorious centre-piece for your event

  • Set up Time40 mins
  • Ceiling Height2m
  • HireDry hire / With performer

A life-sized egg inspired by 'The Order of St George Imperial Egg' it can revolve on its own stage in front of a 6ft x 12ft 180 degree gold mirror (Inspired by the hall of mirrors in The Catherine Palace in St Petersburg) for ultimate decadent opulence.

The Egg itself can be a stand alone prop, or you can add our burlesque performer to it, who starts off inside the Egg and emerges to perform a stunning burlesque act.

The burlesque act is based on a swan and she has stunning large feather fans, for full details on the act see below "The Feathered Swan".

Tech requirements

  • Flat, firm surface.
  • Minimum performance space required 1.5m x 1.5m.
  • Minimum height (floor to ceiling) of 2m.
  • Loading bay is required.

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