Water Bowl

Acrobatic water show to wow and amaze

  • Set Up Time60 mins
  • Duration3 min show
  • Weight1 Tonne

Inspired by the syles of Cirque Du Soliel and Las Vegas, this is a wow factor show with a difference!

Everyone's attention will be held throughout the performance, as the acrobat creates amazing contortion moves both on and under the water, as well as drops from a height straight into the bowl.

This act is perfect for lots of different types of events and works perfectly as a show in it's own right, or as a grand finale to a bigger show. Costumes and music can be themed in a variety of ways to suit your event perfectly. 

This act will certainly cause a splash!

Tech requirements

(when set up with wheels):
161cm diameter
212cm wide
78.05cm height.
Height of the Metal Structure without wheels: 64cm.

A clear loading area at the venue must be assigned for the delivery and load out of the bowl.
Personal technician will require 3 more people to help load the bowl in and out of the van and the venue. The technician will instruct on how to do this correctly.

The bowl will need to be loaded out of the van in two parts, first the bowl then the metal structure. Same for loading back in. The base of the bowl has lockable wheels and can be wheeled into the venue. The wheels can be removed for smaller entrances. The bowl can be carried in side ways to fit through smaller doors. Must be big enough for the above dimensions.

Weight and staging
The bowl is filled with around a 1000L of water making the bowl weigh around a tonne. It is very important to make sure that the staging can hold this weight.
The staging or flooring must be straight. Not slanted.
The staging must be set up and straighten up before any water is filled into the bowl, once filled the bowl can’t be lifted off the stage due to weight.

The bowl can be wheeled from place to place if needed. Perfect if set up and filled backstage then wheeled into the performance space. Must have 161cm clearance between tables to wheel into position when filled with water. This will require 2 people. Wheels must be locked for the performance by the technician.

Filling the bowl with water
Access to water at the venue. Hot and cold taps.
Must know what kind of tap there is at the venue so we can bring the correct converters for the hose. Hoses will be provided by us.

The bowl takes around 2/3 hours, depending on the water pressure, to fill.
If the hot water is unavailable at the venue, the water heater will take much longer to heat the water up. Venue must advise on their water supply situation to work out how much time will be needed to fill and heat the bowl.

The water heater needs a plug point near the bowl. It must be left inside the bowl up until show time to maintain the warm water temperature. The technician will take the heater out of the bowl around 15 minutes before show time.

Emptying the bowl
This will be done by the technician using hose pipes.
Must have somewhere to drain the water, either outside or into a sink.
After the rehearsal and performance, the floor will be wet around the bowl, venue’s personnel must mop up the water to avoid people slipping on the wet surface.

Dressing Room Rider
Clean, warm and carpeted.
Mirror and plug point.
Enough space to do splits in and warm up in.

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