Star Prop

A freestanding star that rotates showcasing our skilled acrobats from all angles

  • Set Up Time60 mins
  • Ceiling Height3.5m
  • HirePerformers included

Our fabulous ground-based star prop is perfect for all venues as it requires no rigging. Watch as our amazing acrobats get into all sorts of twists and turns as the star rotates and showcases all of their amazing tricks.

It is an act that is guaranteed to get your audience talking and is perfect if you want something a bit different that will stand out and make your event extremely memorable. 

This act can be performed as a feature show and is also perfect as a meet and greet Champagne reception with the acrobats filling up your guests glasses as they arrive. 

Tech requirements

  • Flat, firm, smooth surface
  • Minimum performance space required is 3m x 3m
  • Minimum height (floor to ceiling) of 3.5m
  • A safe clean warm space to warm up in

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