Technology Takeover

Technology Takeover

  • Sep 01, 2023
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Events are constantly evolving (see what we did there!) and there is an increasing demand for new and innovative entertainment for our clients. In this blog we detail some of the most innovative and popular technology-based acts in the world today.

Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets

A VR headset is the ultimate in technological advancement for events. Transport your guests to another world, country or era with a huge range of games and experiences, all by putting on one of these VR Headsets. One of the biggest new trends in the tech world can be brought to your events to give your guests an experience like no other. Guests can fight, fly, swim, sing, climb, and everything in between.

Drone Shows

Take your event to new heights with a technological feast for the eyes! You may have seen drones being used at events to film, but how about having them as the main show piece while guests are enjoying a glass of Champagne? Performers interact with the drone as they light up the room in a visually spectacular way. We can create a fully bespoke show to suite your theme and style of event, as well as your budget.


One of our most popular and innovative shows, AFISHAL showcases the very latest in Led design with his amazing Visual DJ Shows, fusing together music and technology. He is always adapting his rigs to create the best show possible. His latest rig features HD video panels and we now have a brand new HD video screen that works seamlessly with his rig. Your logos, pictures and videos can be added in to his shows to create a truly unique show for your event.

HD Tremor 1.jpg

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping can be used in so many ways in your event, from providing décor projected on to the walls of the building, to integrating it into dance routines to add an extra element to shows. Guests can also enjoy an immersive experience in projection mapped rooms, where the floor and walls light up in a visual spectacular of your choice.

Bullet Cameras

Who just takes pictures any more?! In an age of boomerangs, snapchat filters and gifs, why not have our bullet camera installation at your event so guests can capture that special moment in a unique way. 9 HD cameras are set up to create a seamless 3D photo. This is then processed and shared as a video for your guests to email to themselves. Choose a background to match the theme of your event, or why not have a media wall featuring your logo.

Digital Graffiti Wall

Let your guests' creative minds run wild with a Digital Graffiti Wall, allowing guests to create works of art during your event. Their creations can be printed out with your branding on to give them something to take away with them. These work really well at trade shows, it not only gives passers by a memorable experience, but also a keepsake to remember you by – think of it like a a fancy version of a business card!

QR Code Treasure Hunt

Perfect for team building exercises and training days, a treasure hunt with a technology twist is the perfect way to keep your event current and interesting. QR codes are scanned using their phones and a specially downloaded app to give guests or staff their next clue.

LED/Light Up Entertainment

Last but not least we of course have our amazing range of LED acts which we are well known for specialising in! From our LED Stilt Walkers to our LED Glow Shows, allow our acts and props to light up your event in a way that guests will have never seen before! We are constantly updating and evolving (there it is again) the technology to make it industry-leading. We have an in house team of costume makers and LED technicians to create the best equipment and costumes for your events. Last year we launched our brand new LED troupe, The Glow Girlz, and this year we are adding new Girlz to the list, as we create stunning red glow costumes. Watch this space!

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