How to apply to us

How to apply to us

  • Oct 03, 2023
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How to apply to an entertainment agency – tools and tips of the trade!

Trying to get your foot in the door as a new performer can be a little overwhelming at best; knowing who to contact, how to contact them and what to send over is like working your way through the crystal maze! In order to try and ease some of this feeling, we have decided to put together this guideline to follow:

What should you prepare?

  1. A Google Drive or Dropbox – A neat, easy to navigate google drive or dropbox folder makes us happy dance in our chairs!Create folders for each of your skill, within each folder, add your images and videos of each skill and label each picture if you really want to impress! For example, if you are an aerialist then create an aerial folder, then maybe a subfolder for each aerial skill you offer and label your images outlining what act they relate to or theme they suit. A document outlining your skills and the props you own is also very useful!Other useful things to add to your drive/dropbox would be your PLI, general risk assessments, CV, headshots and even a costume folder!
  2. A neat CV. Mainly aimed towards dancers, a CV is an easy way for us to navigate your styles and stats. There’s no need for busy or colorful backgrounds just get straight to the point and tell us about yourself!
  3. Videos – whilst we love a fancily edited showreel, we also like to see raw footage of your acts so we can see how you flow. Try and gather a variation of videos – A general showreel and then a showreel and a raw video of each of your skills/acts. More is more when it comes to videos of your skills! Make sure to send over your videos unbranded as we can’t use them if they have your contact details watermarked or edited into them.
  4. An opening email – put together a short but snappy opening email to introduce yourself. Nothing too wordy but sell yourself, let us know who you are and what you do! Within this, let us know where you are based, if you drive and if you have your own vehicle.

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What do us agents really like to see?

  1. Structure- From the way you word your emails, to how you structure your drive/dropbox and CV.
  2. Personality- Don’t be afraid to pop a little personality in your emails, get us to remember you! At Evolve, have a lot of people apply and if we don’t have any immediate work for you, try and make yourself memorable for future opportunities.
  3. Personalization – Don’t sent the same email BCC’ing or pasting the same text to every agency you can find. Try and personalize the email and show us that you have done your research on our company.
  4. Persistence – By no means are we saying email us once a week asking for work, but don't be afraid to keep in touch. Make sure to follow our socials, join and interact in our casting group and keep us updated with new promotional material.

We hope the above lends a hand when putting together your introductions to our insustry and wish everybody the best of luck!